Monday, 10 April 2017

Fairest by Marissa Meyer - non-spoiler review.

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Continuing with my reviews of the Lunar Chronicles, today I'll be reviewing Fairest, book 3.5 in the series. Because this is a novella, this review will be rather short.
Title: Fairest
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: YA, sci-fi, fairy-tale retelling
Format: paperback
This is the story of how queen Levana came to be the evil person that we know from the other books in the series. We get to see Levana from her childhood through her teenage years and early adulthood.

*Plot/overall rating:
I went into this book not expecting to like Levana better/more afterwards and I didn't by the end of the book. I did, however, understand better why she is such a bitch, but that didn't make me sympathise with her. On the contrary, I disliked her even more. Granted, she hasn't had an easy childhood and her sister Channery is so cruel to her, but that doesn't justify the things Levana has done.
I can't believe how she manipulated her husband into loving her and then in the end killing him because of her plans to rule Earth. The way she held him prisoner for ten years, not even giving him time to mourn the loss of his wife is just so cruel.
The way she planned to kill princess Selene so she could be the true queen of Luna and she thinks she's being merciful by letting Selene die - something Channery didn't do for her - is so twisted.


Is this a necessary read: not really, but it does give you a great insight into Levana's character. It didn't make me sympathize with her, on the contrary, it made me hate her even more. This, to me is testament of the great and wonderful writing style of Marissa Meyer.
3.75 stars to be precise

Have you read this novella? What did you think of it?
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