Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Falling Kingdoms - SPOILER book review


DON'T READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN'T READ Falling Kingdoms YET! I also have a non-spoiler review.

In this post I want to talk about all my feelings about this book. I'm sorry if my thoughts are a bit jumbled but I wrote them down while reading, so that's how I'm going to put them in this post.

Remember, these are my personal thoughts and feelings!

* Like I said in my non-spoiler review, I know there are a gazillion people who adore Magnus, but I still don't know how I feel about him after reading this book. The way he feels about his sisters made me cringe a bit. I also didn't like the way he takes advantage of the maid, but doesn't stand up for her when his father is torturing her. Okay, I can understand why he doesn't, but still! The way his father treats him makes you pity him, because you have the feeling he is nothing like his father. Until Lucia turns him down and he becomes this cold, distant person. And I couldn't believe he killed Theon. I was like: 'Whaaaaaaaaaat, no, this did not just happen!' It totally killed my buzz after reading about Cleo and Theon kissing!

* Talking about Theon: although we don't know that much about him, I immediately loved him and my heart was ripped out when he was killed :'-(

* A lot of things happened to Cleo in a very short period of time: Theon's, Emilia's and her father's death, Auranos being taken over and I wonder how she will deal with this? I think her current reaction is a bit too calm, but maybe this will change in the next book?

* I think Chief Basilius is such a big fraud: there is a huge contrast between him living in all his luxury and the poverty in his country. I liked how Jonas immediately noticed this. Unfortunately, his need for revenge was so big, he went with it at first. Besides Cleo Jonas is one of the characters that develops most in this first book, in my opinion. From being totally revenge-driven he starts to realise that Basilius is a fraud and he no longer agrees with what Basilius does. I can totally understand why he hates Cleo and Aron and that's why I'm curious to see what he will do in the next book to help Cleo. I was a bit surprised that he warned her to run at the end of the book.

* I wonder what's in store for Lucia after having discovered the magic within her.

* I was a bit disappointed by the fact that both Emilia and Cleo fall in love with a guard and have their true loves taken away from them. It felt a bit too coincidental.

* I also kind of guessed that Eirene was the exiled Watcher Cleo was looking for and I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Again, I know this might seem a bit chaotic, but this is the first time I've written a spoiler review.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this book, I would love to discuss it with you! 

Bye for now


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