Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Fantasy Favourites Readathon: Which Throne of Glass Character Are You?

Hi booklovers

The second challenge for Throne of Glass series in the Fantasy Favourites Readathon is a quiz to determine which ToG character you are. You can find the original post here. (You can also find the link to the quiz in that post!)

I took the quiz and apparently I'm Chaol Westfall :-)
I'm not sure if everything in this description is true, but I do find it interesting :-)

As for the readathon itself: Unfortunately, I've only managed to read 27 pages of Queen of Shadows. I don't know why, but I feel like it's a slow read and I really need time to get back into the story. I think I might give it another 50 pages and if I'm not feeling it by then, I will move on to my reread of ACOTAR, because I'm afraid I might put myself in a reading slump otherwise.

Let me know in the comments which ToG character you are.

Bye for now


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