Wednesday, 20 July 2016

May and June wrap up.

Hi booklovers

I know this is a bit late, but I still wanted to tell you what I read in May and June.

*Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft (V1) - Joe Hill - 4 stars. 
This was the second graphic novel I've read and even though it's completely different from Fables, I really enjoyed it. This is gritty and dark and at first it took me a while to get into it, but once I got used to it I loved it. I'm really looking forward to continuing with this series.

*Cruel Crown - Victoria Aveyard - 3 stars.
This was an okay read. I really liked the story of Queen Coriane, Prince Cal's mother. I really felt for her throughout the novella. I didn't like the novella from Farley's POV. Her story just didn't appeal to me. I don't know why, but I somehow pictured her to be much older while I was reading Red Queen. Do you need to read these? No. They add a bit to the main story, but they are not necessary.

*Groo: Friends and Foes (V1) - Sergio Aragon├ęs - 3.5 stars.
I found out that this comic book isn't suited to read while on the train because sometimes you just start laughing out loud and that can be a bit embarrassing. I enjoyed this a lot and I want to read more stories about all of Groo's shenanigan's.

*The Great Hunt (WOT 2) - Robert Jordan - 4 stars.
I listened to this as an audiobook. Like with The Eye of the World I seem to pick up more details while listening to this story than when I'm actually reading it myself. It also helped that this is a reread. I'm slowly continuing with the series.

*Glass Sword - Victoria Aveyard - 4 stars.
I enjoyed this sequel a lot. There were a few plot twists I didn't see coming and the cliffhanger ending made me very curious to see where this will go. Have you seen the cover for book 3? It looks stunning.

*A lost legacy: Awakening (book 1) - C.E. Dimond - 3.5 stars.
This is an e-book I recieved in exchange for an honest review. I liked it, but I also had some problems with it. You can read my spoiler-free review here.

*Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson - 5 stars (reread).
After reading all those fantasy/dystopian/paranormal stories, I felt like reading some contemporary so I decided to reread this book by Morgan Matson. I have a spoiler-free review of this.

*Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson - 5 stars (reread).
Since I loved my reread of Amy & Roger so much, I needed some more Morgan Matson, so I reread Second Chance Summer even though I knew I would be heartbroken. You can find my spoiler-free review here.

All in all I had two good reading months. Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What have you read - and enjoyed - during the months of May and/or June?

Bye for now.


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