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Author interview - Bre Faucheux part 3.

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This is the final part of my author interview with Bre Faucheux. If you haven't read part 1 or 2, just click on the numbers to go to them. 

Be warned, this does contain some mild spoilers about her books, because the questions deal with the stories in particular.

Hope you enjoy!
  • Tell us a bit about your different series.
The first book I ever wrote was ‘The Elder Origins’. It was the first idea I had that I thought to myself: ‘I could write that.’ I wanted to write something with a bit of history and something paranormal. Then one day I was watching a tv show with vampires in it. It showed a possible “origin” story of vampires. I didn’t like it. I thought to myself that it could have been told better in a different way. So that’s what I did. I wrote an origin story for vampires that appealed to me. So in ‘The Elder Origins’, the origins of vampires was in pre-discovered North America with the Native Americans. It was always said that certain tribes foretold of the coming of the white men. And I thought to myself, what if they had tried to stop it? And that was the birth of ‘The Elder Origins’.
‘The Keeper’s Realm’ was my second book. I started writing it in pieces while I was working a dead end job overseas. I had hours to kill at my desk and no one realized I wasn’t working. I wanted to write another story with elements of history and ghosts. I saw a documentary online about Gettysburg and how haunted it was.  People have been said to walk around at night and come across troops walking in formation as though the American Civil War was still going on. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be interesting if they weren’t ghosts there, but actual portals to the past? What if ghosts are souls that think the past isn’t over and don’t realize they have died? And what if someone could witness the past as though it was happening around them. So I created a YA story of a girl who could do exactly that. See the past as though it was happening for real all around her.

‘Violet Blake’ was an interesting project. It started as a high fantasy and evolved into a supernatural contemporary kind of … thing. I still don’t always know how to describe it. I’ve always heard tales of people walking among us who can heal people with their touch. Those who have the touch of God here on Earth. And I thought to myself, if people like that did actually exist, they would have to stay under the radar. The government would want to experiment on them and harness their abilities. So I told a story around that concept. A young girl who has the ability to heal people with her touch. Only her ability is a little more enhanced than that of the average healer.
  • Who is your favourite character from your books / series?
I’ve had a soft spot for Jayden from ‘The Elder Origins’ since I first started writing him. He’s such a gnarly bastard, but when it comes to Madison, he’s very protective. I like that he has this one thing in the world that he wants to protect. Screw the rest of it. I really like Liam from ‘Violet Blake’ as well. He is so ancient, has seen all kinds of horrors, but he still has a heart of gold.

As far as series, I’m really proud of 'Violet Blake'. I feel like that is a series that just came together the right way. It was slow and it tortured the back of my mind while I was trying to finish it, but it all came together in the end.
  • How about your least favourite character? What makes them less appealing to you?
I don’t really have a least favourite character. They are all fun to write on some level. I figure if there is a character I hate writing, then I’m not doing my job properly. 

These questions are specifically about Violet Blake: 
(These contain minor spoilers!!)
  • What made you decide to give your characters healing / resurrection powers?
I didn’t really decide to write a story about healers. It just kinda happened. I started the series as a fantasy with a whole separate dimension involving faeries and screaming banshees. Then I decided I was biting off more than I could chew and I condensed it. After I had done that, a girl with healing abilities was all that was left. All the fantasy elements were gone, then it turned into a paranormal story. I decided to run with it. Then I thought to myself, how do I make it different? Because healers have been written about before. And that was when I decided to make Shawn’s ability a little more enhanced.
  • Why did Rebekah turn out to be so bad to the bone?
Because it was fun. *evil laugh* I plan on going into that a little more if I write more to the series. But she was a product of being born to a time when life wasn’t valued as much as it is now. She stayed stuck in that mentality because it was all she ever knew.
  • How can people contact you or find out more about your books?
You can find my books on Amazon and most other eBook retailers online. You can email me at: I answer every email I receive, so don’t hesitate to send me a message.

This was the final part of my interview with Bre. This was so much fun to do and I'm really greatful to Bre for agreeing to do this.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you feel inclined to check out Bre's channel and/or her books :-)

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