Tuesday, 7 July 2015

As I read - Shadow and Bone #1 (chapters 1 - 5)

Hi booklovers

After finishing Amy & Roger's Epic Detour (click on the title for my spoiler-free review) I posted a picture on Instagram asking which book I should read next. While browsing Instagram I stumbled upon a picture from eunice.reads with a quote from Shadow and Bone and it got me really intrigued so I decided to pick that one up.

Last year I watched a BookTube video by Elisabeth Paige called 'As I read' and I thought it might be nice to do something similar while reading this book. 

Be warned: this will be filled with spoilers so only read on if you've read this book!

I want to start by showing a couple of photos of things I really like about this book:

I love this cover and the font is gorgeous

Beautiful map, gorgeous chapter headings, page numbers and a drawing to mark different sections:


I found the Grisha explenation page really helpful:

And can we take a moment to appreciate my very appropriate - DIY - bookmark :-)

I'm 5 chapters in and at the moment I mostly have questions I would like to see answered!

* page 4: Who is the blonde man in purple and how is it that he knows that 
               Alina and Mal are eavesdropping?

* page 5: What are the Grisha exactly? 

* page 7: I found it a bit confusing that there is a time lapse between the 
               prologue and the first chapter, but we don't actually know how much 
               time has passed. I also didn't know at first who was talking,
               which was annoying.

* page 12: - I'm intrigued by the scar on Alina's right hand. Does it have 
                something to do with 'the gift she must unlock' (which is mentioned 
                in the synopsis)?

                 - Who is this Darkling? I've heard people on BookTube mentioning 
                   him and the synopsis intrigued me...

* page 30: What's with this white light Alina has seen during the attack of the
                 volcra? (This was answered rather quickly)

* page 40: What's a Sun Summoner?

* page 60: Who or what are the Fjerdan and why do they want Alina dead?

In chapter 5 we get to know a bit more about the Darkling: he's very old, yet looks very young. He's extremely powerful, yet feels the burden of his ancestors' actions. He appears to have a sense of humour.
Although Alina is completely overwhelmed, she is also not afraid to speak her mind. I like that in a character.

One last question: Why on earth does Alina need to lock her door at night while she is in the Little Palace???? (This warning is given at the very end of chapter 5)

I think it's safe to say that although I'm only 77 pages in I'm quite intrigued by the book and I definitely want to keep reading.

Let me know in the comments if you've read this book and what you thought of it, but please don't spoil it for me!!

Bye for now


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