Monday, 13 July 2015

As I read - Shadow and Bone #2 (chapter 6 - 14)

Hi booklovers

Be warned: this will be filled with spoilers so only read on if you've read this book!

After reading the sixth chapter I was completely taken in by the Darkling! He is so mysterious and dark (sorry, pun not intended) but I'm still not completely sure who or what he is.

Alina is so incredibly sassy, I just love her. She has been through so much in the first 5 chapters, but she still tries to stand her ground. She is a 'realistic' character, especially when it comes to her feeling left out because she can't summon the sun on her own. You really understand why she feels out of place amongst the Grisha. You also feel her struggle about Mal not responding to her letters. It was a great moment when she was finally able to unlock her gift.

I knew something would happen between the Darkling and Elina, but I was still surprised when the Darkling kissed Alina. The attraction may be a bit cliche, but I don't think she can help but be attracted to him.

There are a few side-characters I want to talk about:

* Genya is an interesting character and she has a fascinating ability: being able to change someones appearance/face.

* The Apparat made me cringe every time he made an appearance. Urgh!
* Marie & Nadia are so fake, it's frustrating.

* Zoya: I wonder if we're ever going to find out why she's so vicious to Alina the first time they meet.

* What's up with Mal, why isn't he answering Alina's letters? They've spent their childhood and a big part of their youth together, why is he able to forget her so easily?
I was so happy when he turned up at the Little Palace but their reunion doesn't go as planned. What has happened to him? Is he jealous? Is he in love with Alina?

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