Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Top 10 Tuesday #3 - August 30.

Hi booklovers

This week's Top 10 Tuesday's topic was a 'Back to school freebie'.

Being a language teacher and an avid reader I really try to encourage my pupils to read. So, I picked 'Books I would put in our high school library to learn pupils that reading can be fun'.

I divided this list up according to the 'appropriate' age-groups:

1st and 2nd year (12 - 13/14 year olds)

This is a wonderful story about a boy with a deformed face who goes to school for the very first time. This story is so beautiful and it deals with bullying in a very good and realistic way.

No explenation needed.

The wonderful world of Narnia is so fantastically created, everyone should go through the cupboard at least once in their lives.

This was the first dystopian story I read and I really liked it. I know it's also a series that has gotten a lot of young people into reading, so that's why I would add it to the school library.

This combines Star Wars, easy stories and funny drawings. I believe this would be ideal to get those pupils who don't really like reading to at least give it a try.

3rd and 4th year (14 - 15/16 year olds)

This is such a different format, I think it might appeal to those pupils who don't really like to read because they get bored easily.

In the 4th year Dutch lessons pupils learn about 'fairy tales', so these fairy tale-retellings would be a nice addition to the library.

I think this wonderful fantasy trilogy is a good starting point to venture into this genre.

I read this trilogy for my dissertation when I was studying at teacher-training college and I absolutely loved it. This has so many aspects woven into these amazing stories, highly recommend.

5th and 6th year (16 - 18 year olds)

The His Fair Assassin trilogy
I absolutely adore these kick-ass female protagonists. This would also help get rid of the trope that only boys like reading fantasy stories!
Since this is a very graphic graphic novel series I would only recommend it to the 6th years, but the story is so great, I think they should really give it a try.

Again, I think these fairy tale 'retellings' are a great way to get pupils to read.

When I first started thinking about this topic I thought I wouldn't get to ten books and now I even have twelve :-)

Which books would you add to the school library? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great Top Ten! I've heard so many good things about Wonder. I need to pick up a copy! :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. You should, it's such a wonderful and touching story. Thanks for stopping by! :-)