Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bookish DIY-project.

Hi booklovers

Today I felt a bit creative and decided to turn a plain red dress into a bookrelated dress.

Last week I went to Veritas, which is a Belgian shop that sells socks, stockings, accessories and DIY things to pimp your clothes. While browsing for stockings I came across some 'iron on patches' from Alice in Wonderland: Alice and the White Rabbit.

Since I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, I immediately bought a few patches to pimp one of my dresses. Today I finally got around to using the patches and I really liked the result.

1. The plain dress and the 'corresponding' book :-)

2. The patches

3. Positioning the patches

4. Cover the patches with a cotton cloth

5. Place the flat-iron over the patch for about 25 seconds

6. Iron the back of the - in this case - dress where the patch is situated
(Again, about 25 seconds)

7. Admire the result :-)

I might buy some more patches to add to the dress, because I think it would be cool to make a 'White' rabbit border :-)

Bye for now


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