Monday, 13 July 2015

As I read - Shadow and Bone #3 (chapter 15)

Hi booklovers

Be warned: this will be filled with spoilers so only read on if you've read this book!

I just read chapter 15 and... WHAT THE WHAT??????

What just happened? After what happens between Alina and the Darkling at the fete, this is such a blow to the gut. How can the Darkling be so completely different from what he appears to be???

These thoughts are tumbling around in my head:

* The Darkling is the Black Heretic?????

* Baghra is the Darklings mother?????  

* Does he really want to expand the Fold, not destroy it????

I'm very curious to read on, I need to know what happens next!!


P.S. I apologise for all the question marks :-$

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