Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Anticipated releases of 2016 - Continuing series

Hi booklovers

2016 is fast approaching so I thought I'd show you the books I'm looking forward to being released next year. If you want to know more about the books, just click on the title.

I'm dividing this into different categories and splitting it up into different posts:

A) Books that will continue series I've already started:

#1 Marissa Meyer: Stars Above - Feb 2nd
This is a short story collection consisting of nine stories. What more can we ask for? :-)

#2 Katie McGarry: Walk the Edge - March 29th
This is the second one in the Thunder Road series and I'm really looking forward to reading Razor's story.

#3 Sarah J. Maas: A Court of Mist and Fury - May 3rd
This isn't the final cover
I've heard that this is a 'Hades and Persephone' retelling. I liked ACOTAR so I'm curious to see where the story goes.

#4 Morgan Matson: The Unexpected Everything - May 3rd 
I like that Morgan Matson's contemporary stories are cute but not all lovey-dovey.

#5 Marissa Meyer: Heartless - Nov 8th
 This isn't the final cover
An Alice in Wonderland retelling? Yes, please! Written from the Queen of Hearts' POV? Interesting!

#6 Erika Johansen: The Fate of the Tearling - Nov 29th
I enjoyed 'Queen of the Tearling', but I still need to read 'Invasion of the Tearling'. Seeing as this isn't released until the end of the year, I still have time to catch up!

#7 Krista & Becca Ritchie: Damaged Like Us - tentative release date: 2016
Since the 'Addicted and Calloway Sisters' series are my second favourite reads of 2015, it's more than natural that I'm excited to read anything this wonderful duo releases!

#8 Cora Carmack: All Closed Off - 2016
There is no cover or exact release date yet
I really liked the first three books in the 'Rusk University' series and I think this POV will be even more interesting!
#9 Sarah J. Maas: Throne of Glass #5 - 2016
There is no cover or exact release date yet
I know I haven't read 'Queen of Shadows' yet, but I will read it before the next one comes out.

#10 Morgan Rhodes: Falling Kingdoms #5 - 2016
 There is no cover or exact release date yet
Same as with TOG, I haven't read Frozen Tides yet, but I will. There's only the small detail of buying it first! And maybe I should read 'A Book of Spirits and Thieves' first.

#11 Sara Raash: Frost Like Night - 2016
There is no cover or exact release date yet
Even though I'm still reading 'Snow Like Ashes' and I'm not that far in, I think I will enjoy this book, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up by the time the last book in the trilogy is released.

Let me know in the comments what some of your most anticipated releases of 2016 are.

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