Thursday, 5 February 2015

Little update

Hi booklovers

I just wanted to post a little update:
I haven't had time to write a new blogpost, because the past week has been hectic. My pupils get a report card tomorrow, so I had a lot of tests to correct. I've also been busy writing remarks on the report cards.
On top of that I've been sick last week, so I didn't really feel like writing blogposts.

On the bright side: next week is the last week before the midterm break, so I'm hoping to do a bit more reading and get some writing done for my blog. 
I finished 'Falling Kingdoms' last week, so I'm going to write a review about it. I've bought two jars that are going to become TBR jars, so keep a look out for that post as well.

Bye for now


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